EverEarth Giant Noah’s Ark Playset with 14 Animals


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Children will enjoy learning about Noah’s Ark and its inhabitants through play with this Giant Noah’s Ark with Animals & Figures by EverEarth.

There are seven pairs of animals aboard the Giant Noah’s Ark with Animals & Figures. This toy is ideal for promoting their sense of touch and getting to know the animal world. The children can recreate the exciting story of Noah’s Ark using the full range of their imagination. This toy gives them hours of endless, educational fun.

This product trains the following skills in children:

  • Fine motor skills: This toy stimulates the child’s sense of touch and encourages it to grasp, promoting dexterity. Children gain a sense for delicate movements and discover their own hands. Trying things out, inspecting objects and perceiving things with all of their senses help the child develop their senses over the long term.
  • Hand-eye coordination: This toy effectively promotes hand-eye coordination and helps develop the child’s motor skills and proprioception. The child learns how to use his or her hands and fingers with greater skill.
  • Creativity and imagination: Children have an incredible capacity for imagination. By playing, they discover new possibilities for living out their fantasies and give their imagination free rein. Thanks to their ideas and imaginations, children are able to redefine their worlds time and again.
  • Building confidence: By contributing their ideas, children develop their self-esteem. They set themselves tasks and challenges while playing. With each challenge mastered, their self-esteem is boosted. In this way, they can learn to communicate with others and strengthen their social skills.
  • Stimulating perception: By activating the various senses, children can strengthen their perceptions very early on. This results in curious children who are happy to direct their attention to taking on new challenges.
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