Reduce anxiety and agitation with the beautiful Rubens Barn baby range.

If you suffer from anxiety or have a loved one fighting mental health issues like dementia, the beautiful empathy dolls from the Rubens Barn baby range are a gift from above. At Noah’s Forest Friends, we stock a wide range of dolls and outfits to ensure that you reap the full benefits that they can bring.


Responsible Manufactured, Elegantly Designed

First and foremost, the Rubens Barn baby range is blessed with stunning empathy dolls and outfits that have been lovingly handcrafted and manufactured by one of the best-loved brands on the market. From the moment your soft baby doll arrives, you’ll know that it is a truly special product. The range of colours and soft to touch materials are a match made in heaven.

As well as their aesthetic beauty and soft touch, all products (including outfits) are manufactured in an ethical and eco-friendly manner. The Rubens Barn range prides itself on providing Handmade Happiness, and delivers it time and time again.


More Than Empathy Dolls

While the Rubens Barn range of empathy dolls are perfect for therapeutic and calming effects, they additionally make wonderful collectibles for anyone that wants to brighten their home with a detailed and beautiful cuddly toy. With the added option of changing the outfits and collecting several of the babies, including Ida, Maria, and Harry, the possibilities are endless.

Whatever the incentive for collecting a soft doll might be, Rubens Barn babies never disappoint.