Playroom Ideas for Imaginative Play

Mar 25, 21
Playroom Ideas for Imaginative Play


A playroom is a wonderful and safe place for your little one to explore and enjoy the endless possibilities of play time. With no set rules or limits on imagination and creativity, a playroom can be anything you want it to be – a high flying rocket to the moon, a quaint seaside bistro, an arts and crafts festival full of colour and fun, and the best part of all? It can be all that and more in just one days’ worth of play!




The very essence of childhood is the free-flowing imagination that ignites excitement and completely enthrals children and adults alike. As your little one ventures into more inquisitive play, it can be difficult to settle on playroom ideas that will grow with your child’s ever-evolving maturity. Top tip: Choose furniture that isn’t age specific and invest in quality toys you can expect to last for years.

From small world play, to reading, learning and sensory exploration; here are our recommendations for a play space that really inspires.


Set up a small world play station.

Explore the joy of small world play together with a play station that encourages your little one to get involved. Tuff trays provide a brilliant blank canvas for this variable play time activity, as you can personalise and change element to suit your child’s current interests. From pre-historic dinosaurs to busy roads and railways, a small world play station can be a versatile and exciting way for your child to express emotion and imitation. Use a different range of materials and textiles such as sand, water, jelly, straw or even artificial lawn to introduce an element of sensory play.


Get crafty with safe art solutions.

Here’s the thing; children just love to get messy and there are several safe and fun ways to bring out the inner Picasso in your little one. Fill your craft drawer with non-toxic paints in a range of primary colours or make your own with a measured mix of water, flour, salt and food colouring. Your child will love the variety of colours as they set about creating pieces of art you’ll treasure forever. A quick browse online and you’ll find lots of ideas for taste-safe playdough recipes to accompany, and if you’re limited on space, an on-the-wall chalkboard is an ideal and inexpensive craft solution. We recommend wipe clean floors and surfaces for craft areas.



Excite them with education.

There are plenty of imaginative ways to spark a love for learning at home. Set up a small corner in the playroom that’s dedicated to education and fill tables and shelves with bright-coloured learning resources, such as a classic wooden abacus, alphabet jigsaws and number puzzles. Bead and threading sets will improve hand-eye coordination whilst interactive magnetic boards such as activity planners help teach your child about the weather, days of the week, time and much more.


Reading made fun.

Books truly are the best gift you could give to your child. Little ones can learn so much through story-telling, as they enjoy tales of fantasy lands and a myriad of fictional scenarios. A quiet and comfortable reading nook makes a wonderful addition to any playroom. Pitch up a tent or a tepee and fill it with comfortable cushions, fairy lights and a soft fleece blanket and find the time for a quiet moment or two where your little one can escape the chaos of more vigorous play time activity.


Real life play for little people.

Role play is fundamental to childhood development as it allows children the freedom to express their own emotions whilst beginning to understand those of others. Acting out real life situations through the medium of play can also teach little ones several other essential life skills, such as counting when playing shops, compassion and empathy whilst role playing doctors, and healthy eating, portion control and good manners when setting up their own little bistro! Invest in a wooden stall or kitchen and choose a range of different role play sets to encourage participation in pretend play.



Play scenes aside, it’s the small touches that make the biggest difference.

String up fairy lights for early evening play time and add rugs to the floor for extra warmth and a soft place for sitting. We recommend a neutral wall colour to compliment the bright tones of all those exciting and wonderful toys! Finally, ensure blind pulls are neatly tucked away and sockets covered to keep your little ones safe whilst playing and having fun!