The toy world has certainly advanced and grown in many ways that children are spoilt for choice when it comes to keeping them entertained. Peg dolls are something that have been around for years, and even though there have been so many new and innovative toys that have come out over the years, peg dolls are still popular with today’s generation of children. Why? Well, they’re something that every child does at a young age, and that’s storytelling. The small dolls play an important role in your child’s early development and can be great for imaginative play. Here are some reasons as to why you should get them.


What Are Peg Dolls?

Peg dolls are wooden dolls that are also known as Dutch dolls. They originate from Germany, and originally the dolls were sold undressed so that children could make their clothing from scraps of fabric and material that they could buy separately. Dolls have been a major influence in a children’s playtime because they make for an interactive experience whether a child is playing on their own or with another child. The peg dolls come in different sizes, but predominantly they’re usually a small size that fits in the hand of a young child. It makes it handy for them to be this size so that they can be played with easily. It’s best to supervise younger children who are more prone to putting these objects in their mouth.


Why Are They Good For Imaginative Play?

Getting your children to use their imagination from an early age is so influential and can really benefit them as they get older. Being able to make believe and create stories are a way for your children to spend hours on end occupied with simple, wooden toys. So why are peg dolls so good for imaginative play? Well for a start, a lot of children will associate these toys with real people, and so they tend to relate certain dolls to those they know in their own lives. Either that or they’ll create their own characters. The dolls themselves can be used with other toys such as building blocks to create mini worlds or structures where they can act out certain scenarios.


Why Buy Peg Dolls?

Peg dolls are one of those timeless, classic toys that won’t go out of style. They’re made out of wood, so aren’t harmful on the environment like most plastic toys are. It also goes to show that you don’t need to buy expensive toys and games in order for your children to have fun. Peg dolls are easy to store away and to take on trips. They can be used with our playbags too, and they’ll be a toy that lasts for years and could even be passed down when your children get too old.

So if you’re thinking about purchasing some toys for your children, why not consider peg dolls for small world play? They’re affordable, beautifully crafted, and can make for hours of fun. You can take a look at our range of toys, including the peg dolls on our site.