Small space, but lots of toys? Having a well-organised playroom makes your child’s playtime more fun while also allowing for easier accessibility of toys. 

Being a parent means owning a plethora of toys in all shapes and sizes; it’s so easy to feel completely overwhelmed when there’s an amass (or mess) of toys everywhere. Plus, now that working from home seems less of a phase and more the new reality, it’s even more important you try and maintain a sense of calm and order.

The only way to breathe a deep sigh of relief and restore equilibrium is to create smart storage systems for your children’s toys. The trick is to choose future-proof storage solutions, something that will continue to serve purpose as your little ones grow. With some creativity, re-purposing and upcycling, you’ll be amazed at some of the quick and easy storage hacks you can implement.

Within this blog, we delve into quick and easy ways you can utilise space for the best toy storage. With recommendations for certain furniture and storage solutions, check out our top eight toy storage solutions to save space and keep the toy collections neat, clean and tidy.

Store Toys in an Over-the-Door Shoe Organiser

Simple yet effective, an over-the-door shoe organiser makes the perfect storage for your child’s doll collection. With soft, individual pouches, it’s also a great option for storing delicate wooden toys to prevent them from getting damaged. We recommend opting for a fabric organiser over plastic. As well as being eco-friendly the toys will also be neatly hidden so won’t distract your eye.

Turn Crates into a Bright Bookshelf

This is a simple and inexpensive way to achieve a customised storage solution with personality. Simply spray paint unfinished wooden crates with your favourite colours, screw them together and voila, you've got a show-stopping, environmentally-friendly way to store toys and books. 

Use a Hobby Box to Store Tiny LEGO Pieces

It’s never too early to teach children the art of organisation. Quite frankly, it adds to your child’s development! We suggest utilising a clear hobby box to keep tiny LEGO pieces compartmentalised for easy building - because we all know how painful it can be when you step on one – ouch! It’ll also prevent the tears and tantrums when you can’t find the missing piece of the puzzle.

The Art of Disguise

At times, shelving units aren’t the prettiest of sights and can ruin the feng shui of your playroom. Instead, why not affix a curtain to the front of unsightly storage units or bookshelves. Because, let’s be honest, plastic storage bins don’t really complement your décor. Adding fabric will also add warmth and texture to create a more welcoming feel to your play space.

Take Advantage of your Wall Space

With the right placement, adding wall accessories will not only add functionality but make your play space feel designed rather than an accidently put together. Spice racks are a great way to store and display books. Adding hooks at various heights, away from wandering hands, is also a great way to hang bags, blankets and coats. When staging, consider the rule of three - a group of three creates a more eye-catching overall aesthetic.

Ottoman Toy Storage

Multi-functional, the ottoman is a great investment all round. They’re easily transportable to carry the essential toy collection from room to room and make the perfect seat/footrest for a reading corner in your play space.

There are plenty of options available on the high-street for all budgets, but if you’re looking for an upcycling project, you may want to consider searching for a vintage, pre-loved piece from the likes of eBay or Gumtree. Not only is this a more sustainable option, but your children can have fun in the creation of the design.

Rope Baskets

Add texture, form and functionality with the addition of rope baskets. They’re sturdy enough to hold those extra-large awkward toys yet add a touch of elegance. We suggest picking neutral colours that will match with a variety of different interior designs whilst also allowing your beautifully-coloured wooden toys to take centre stage.

Chalkboard Dresser

More of a fun, organisational idea than a storage hack, but adding chalkboard paint to your dresser not only looks striking but also allows you to freehand labels for each draw - it’s a great way to keep your child’s clothing organised and allowing them to help around the house too.

A blackboard wall or cupboard are also great additions to a playroom – anything to discourage the occasional scribble on your freshly painted walls!

And Finally, it’s Important to Label, Label, Label!

 Once you have a place for everything, it’s important to make sure you label all of your containers, because sometimes children need an organisational helping hand.