Noah’s Forest Friends: A Guide to Creative Play Time

Apr 19, 21
Noah’s Forest Friends: A Guide to Creative Play Time

It’s no secret that children are constantly learning about the world; their lack of pre-conceptions about life is precious and can be cultivated into practical creativity and learning through play time. Imaginative play can support and nurture a child’s ability to see things differently; through their own eyes rather than how they’ve been told to perceive or understand something. A cardboard box is actually a time machine or a racing car and the bathtub is an ocean full of bubbles and sea creatures. To foster the way your little one sees the world helps them find comfort in their own abilities as creators, innovators and truth seekers.


Noah’s Forest Friends are here to lead on you on a journey, to feel confident as parents that you are providing the very best play sessions and spaces for your family. We have combined our love of shared play time with some of our favourite toys and products to help you encourage your child’s confidence, learning and creative abilities through our five different ideas for play sessions.


Climbing Mount Everest

Did you know that Mount Everest takes approximately 40 days to summit and is 8848 metres tall (just below the cruising height of a jet plane)? Using just the first step of your staircase and our wooden mountain sets from Hellion Toys, enjoy time with your little ones creating mountain ranges fit for only the very best climbers, hikers and seasoned peak-reachers! Set out a Nepalese base camp at the foot of your staircase with food rations, woolly hats and walkie-talkies. Have fun learning through play about mountain climbing, world geography and human biology, at your base camp with your little one.


Surviving the Plains of Africa

The plains of Africa may be considered a dangerous wilderness for man-kind but are home to many interesting and incredible animals. Did you know that Lions sleep between 15-20 hours per day and Ostriches can run more than 40miles in one hour?! This weekend, head out to your sand pit and with our Safari Adventure set from Tender Leaf Toys and the beautiful wooden animals from Lanka Kade create your own Safari expedition! Spy on herds of African elephants and learn about the migration patterns of gazelles towards a watering hole…all in your back garden.  


Camping in the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is the planet’s largest tropical rainforest at 5.5 million square kilometres and is divided up by a myriad of waterways including the Amazon River! Between 400-500 indigenous tribes live amongst the Amazon Rainforest, many of which have never had contact with the outside world! For those rainy days of spring, head inside to learn through play about the wonders of life in the rainforest! Throw a blanket over the back of the sofa to create a camp and surround it with every house plant you own, to fully encompass that jungle feel! Settle down with your little one inside your jungle hideout and read all about the wonders of world with The Usborne Book of Planet Earth.


(Image courtesy of Amazon)

Life on Mars

Mars is known as the ‘Red Planet’ because from what we know, the plants and soil are red from the high level of iron oxide. In 2018, scientists found a lake on Mars just under the planets South polar ice cap… could this Red Planet one day be home? Take some time in the garden today to play with red sand, gravel or chippings and a small paddling pool and create the very first landing on Mars! If you have a smaller garden or it’s a rainy day, why not stage a Mars landing using the wooden Space Rocket sets from Le Toy Van?

The word Astronaut is derived from the Greek meaning ‘Star’ and ‘Sailor’. Go forth with your babies today and be star sailors together as you explore the thousands of possibilities for this cosmic play session!


Welcome to Jurassic Park

The Jurassic, Triassic and Cretaceous eras were a frightening yet incredible time for planet earth and is one of the most difficult to research periods of our natural history! The dinosaurs hailed supreme and lived across all continents of planet Earth for many years amongst difficult terrains of lava and jungles. For your next play session, why not create a pillow cave on the sofa for your little Homo Sapiens to reside in as they play with Holztiger’s beautifully crafted wooden dinosaurs figures. Surround the pillow cave with your potted house plants for jungle, red blankets for rivers of lava and foot stalls as mountains to make an interesting play scape as they venture around the globe with their dinosaurs.

Five play session ideas that can be easily recreated in the home or garden; five play session ideas to cultivate creativity and learning in your little ones. Find the imagination in yourself as a parent and former child, and inspire your little ones to see the world in their own way with Noah’s Forest Friends.