Holztiger is a world-renowned brand responsible for creating some of the most beloved wooden toys on the market. They create wood figures of animals and wildlife, as well as fantastical fairy tale figures and castles. It’s no coincidence they’re so highly regarded and so widely loved by parents and children alike. Here’s everything you need to know about Holztiger and their products.

Beautiful Hand-Crafted Wooden Figures

There’s something incredible about the hand-crafted simplicity of Holztiger toys. They go to show that keeping things simple and crafting toys with care can produce incredible results. Parents and children alike love the visual style of these products and it’s not hard to see why. Each is made by hand and carefully painted with bright colours to create products that are second to none. Each figure has its own distinct personality and they look great whether being played with or sitting on a shelf. They can eventually form a large collection in your home and unlike some other toys, they never look cheap or ugly when on display.

Eco-Friendly and Made From Sustainable Hardwood

Lots of parents care about the sustainability of the toys they buy these days and that’s understandable. The Holztiger line of toys is eco-friendly and made from sustainable hardwood. They’re then painted with watercolour paints to create that visual aesthetic that’s associated with these wooden figures. Most importantly, the whole process is friendly to the environment, so you don’t need to feel any guilt or worry when buying them. On top of that, they’re perfectly suitable for children to interact and play with safely. It’s a concern that all parents have but there are no risks involved when you choose Holztiger.

A Wide Range of Figures

The range of wooden figures produced by Holztiger is very impressive indeed. There’s a wooden figure for just about every type of animal and bird, as well as buildings, arks, plants and trees. The range of dinosaurs, fairytale and castle wooden figures are also great. Many children enjoy collecting them and playing with them together to create fantastic stories and adventures in their imaginations. That’s the beauty of these wooden figures; they’re simple, fun and fantastic at sparking the imagination of a child and that’s what matters most. And it’s what most parents want to encourage in their kids too.

Durable and Perfect for Play

The durability of the Holztiger range of wooden toys is never in doubt either. The hardwood used to create them is very solid, allowing them to withstand long and extended sessions of play without any problems at all. We know that parents want to spend money on figures and toys that are going to last a long time and not be broken immediately during an enthusiastic play session. Holztiger wooden figures will be able to cope with those long play sessions with no real risk of them getting damaged easily or quickly.

The Holztiger range is now available in our store so feel free to browse the products we’re selling. The quality is always where it should be and these figures simply don’t disappoint.