Five Ways to Make Story Time a Fun and Engaging Experience

Five ways to make story time a fun and engaging experience | noah's forest friends

Story time; those precious moments where your sleepy little one is curled up in your lap and quietly listening as you read them a bedtime story. Well, that’s what we’re led to believe it’s like! More often than not, children are either too excitable to sit still and read, or if you have a toddler, […]

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Audiobooks for your Child

Five reasons why you should consider audiobooks for your child | noah's forest friends

Audiobooks are a controversial topic among parents; some can’t live without them and others would prefer to read aloud the books themselves. We love a ‘traditional’ book as much as the next person – there’s nothing quite like the new book smell and the sound of pages turning. Reading to your little one from one […]

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Toys over Plastic Alternatives?

Why choose eco-friendly toys over plastic alternatives? | noah's forest friends

The environment and the health of our planet is a huge talking point at the moment, especially as mounting concerns over climate change are beginning to gain traction. Most of us try to live sustainably in some way; either by taking reusable bags with us for the weekly food shop, or using shampoo bars instead […]

Pretend Play: What is it, and Why is it Important?

Pretend play: what is it, and why is it important? | noah's forest friends

Also known as imaginative play, fantasy play, creative play and make-believe, all of these names have something in common; imagination! Pretend play usually begins in our little ones from the age of 12-18 months, and forms a stable foundation for emotional, social, and cognitive skills to develop as they grow. Beginning as a simple exploration […]

How to keep your child’s mind stimulated during the school holidays

How to keep your child’s mind stimulated during the school holidays | noah's forest friends

The school holidays have arrived, and suddenly you’re faced with the challenge of keeping your child entertained every day! It can be tempting some days to let them sit in front of the TV or on their tablets for a few hours, but this can lead to ‘summer learning loss’. Studies have shown that children […]

Keep learning during the summer holidays with these fun educational activities!

Keep learning during the summer holidays with these fun educational activities! | noah's forest friends

We love the summer holidays; endless hours of sunshine, playtime and new adventures to be had! While it’s important to use this time to unwind from a term of hard work, it’s also vital that children still keep on top of basic skills such as numeracy and literacy, especially after the disruptive year we have […]

Imaginative Play, Their Way: Outdoor Edition

Imaginative play, their way: outdoor edition | noah's forest friends

Spending time outside is essential to the growth and development of your child. Creative and imaginative outdoor play provides your child with a safe place to get moving and allows them to be completely themselves without worrying too much about making a mess! This completely carefree play will see their confidence soar. If you have […]

What is Free-Range Parenting, and How Does it Benefit Children?

What is free-range parenting, and how does it benefit children? | noah's forest friends

Free-range parenting was launched into the spotlight by Lenore Skenazy, who encouraged her nine year old son to find his way home alone via the subway in New York. Her decision caused a lot of controversy, with many labelling her as a ‘bad mum’ at the time. However, free-range parenting is becoming increasingly popular within […]

Step Inside the Animal Kingdom: A Fun Way to Introduce Educational Play!

Step inside the animal kingdom: a fun way to introduce educational play!

Children and animals go together like strawberries and cream! They love nothing more than reading animal story books, pointing out the ducks and squirrels that they see on daily adventures, and visiting petting zoos. Animals are guaranteed to keep your little ones entertained for hours, but what if we told you that they can make […]

Introducing Grapat!

Introducing grapat!

A Catalonia-based family-run business, Grapat is passionate about allowing children to find the magic in the everyday. Grapat was founded by two parents, who saw how much joy their young daughter was finding in everyday objects. Kitchen cabinets, tea towels, books – you name it! These objects, found in every home, allowed their daughter to […]