How long you have been in business?

We started Noah’s Forest Friends in 2017 on top of our full time jobs. Since starting the business we have met lots of wonderful customers and grown each year.

Why do you sell the items you sell?

Ever since Noah was born we found he enjoyed playing with wooden and fabric toys more than the modern baby/children toys that lit up and made loud noises.

After looking into all the different types of toys available and joining groups on social media we decided to set up our own business selling and promoting them.

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Adam Jenkins
Director / Founder

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Rosanna Jenkins

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Noah Jenkins


2017 - The very beginning

Noah’s Forest Friends was formed with only 1 shelving unit of toys at our house and two brands, Goki & Small Foot.

2018 - Toy exploration

With so many different types of wooden fabric toys we had to test a lot of different brands. We ended up adding lots of wonderful brands and expanding the range of toys we stocked.

2019 - Growth

As we gained popularity we were stocking a lot more toys and eventually had to move everything out of our house to a storage unit.

2020 - Up and down

With coronavirus hitting everyone we didn’t know what to expect. After a slow start of the year we had an amazing Christmas period (better than usual) which meant we had to double our storage.

2021 - So far...

Due to 2020 and how busy it was we have moved to a fulfillment company local to us. They are an amazing bunch of people and we look forward to a great year!

About | noah's forest friends