Introducing Grapat!

Introducing grapat!

A Catalonia-based family-run business, Grapat is passionate about allowing children to find the magic in the everyday. Grapat was founded by two parents, who saw how much joy their young daughter was finding in everyday objects. Kitchen cabinets, tea towels, books – you name it! These objects, found in every home, allowed their daughter to play completely without limits.

Instead of buying their little girl ‘traditional’ toys which limited her imagination, her parents fostered this interest and enabled their daughter to explore the realms of possibility with no restrictions. This inspired the family to create simple, environmentally friendly toys with no instructions for use, allowing children to indulge in unstructured free-play where there are no limits. Prepare to be inspired by your little ones as they unleash their imaginations to create fascinating worlds and stories, with just a handful of colourful wooden pieces.

Introducing grapat! | noah's forest friends

Grapat’s wide range of wooden toys are all handcrafted with love, using sustainable wood and water-based, non-toxic dyes which are safe if the toys find their way into inquisitive mouths! Dedicated to sustainability, all Grapat packaging is 100% plastic free. Each toy is painted individually, ensuring no two are exactly the same, and are finished with protective waxes and vegetable oils.

Don’t feel like you have to be too precious about these toys though, Grapat firmly believes that the more marks the better! This shows that the product has fulfilled its purpose by providing hours of fun and imagination.

Introducing grapat! | noah's forest friends

Thinking of taking play time to the next level? We’ve come up with three exciting activities using Grapat toys which will stimulate imaginative play, as well as promote Cognitive and Fine Motor Skill Development.


Smaller Grapat pieces, such as the Mandala Blue Coins, are perfect for teaching your little one how to count! Recommended for children aged 3+, these colourful discs will definitely ignite that inquisitive spark in your child and make educational playtime much more fun!

Introducing grapat! | noah's forest friends


The Mandala Rainbow Eggs are a fantastic way to nurture your child’s cognitive development by teaching colour-sorting! The range of twelve vibrant colours will be sure to catch your little one’s attention, and provide a lovely opportunity to gently introduce colours.

For an extra cognitive boost, why not ask your child to find something in the home which is the same colour as one of the Rainbow Eggs?

Introducing grapat! | noah's forest friends


Grapat was founded with free-play at heart; the idea that a child can play with any object however they like, with no limitations and no rules.

With the Freeplay Tray, children have a dedicated space to pick up, squeeze, throw and move their Grapat wooden toys around!

Working as a way to teach your little one about respecting space and keeping their play in one area, the Freeplay Tray also creates an enclosed zone where imagination can run unchecked.

The smaller Grapat items, such as the Mandala Yellow Honeycombs and the Mandala Flower Petals, are an excellent way of developing fine motor skills. Their unique shapes, textures and colours will ensure your little one keeps reaching for them, aiding in the development of the small muscles in their hands and fingers.

Introducing grapat! | noah's forest friends

That’s Grapat! We love their sustainable toys, and absolutely adore their approach to imaginative free-play. Finding joy in the everyday; that’s what it’s all about, and it’s so refreshing to see a business channelling this approach through their toys.